Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Brief Update

Since our last post was in May, you might have gotten the impression that nothing has been happening, brewing-wise. While it's true that we had a bit of a hiatus, due in part to summer travel, we've been more active of late.

Marco's going to be posting the recipe and general comments for a pale ale that we started last month, and that we finally got to taste recently. We have another Super Secret batch that's going into bottles this weekend. It'll be a couple more weeks before we can try that one and reveal the recipe (possibly as a cautionary tale).

For upcoming batches, my neighborhood is having a block party in a few weeks, so we're going to make a keg of Rocky Raccoon (p.210) for that. Since I already have a partial keg of that (yes, still), that means I'll be upgrading to a second keg.

We also have a winter seasonal that we want to try. It's another experimental Super Secret batch; one that will probably want at least a couple of months of bottle conditioning. The plan is to have it ready to drink for Thanksgiving. If it turns out well, we might have to make two or three batches for next year.

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