Tuesday, May 1, 2007

At the Mountains of Madness

We cracked the first growler of Insane Pale Ale tonight. It was a screw-cap growler, and we were pleased (and somewhat relieved) to discover that it held its seal.

The cast of characters: me, Pete, Marco, Susan, and Ranier (Susan's SO). Everyone seemed happy with the results, with the consensus being that it will really benefit from further aging. The color is more amber than pale, which isn't too surprising given the recipe.

My personal impressions were that it's distinctly hoppy, though not aggressively so. It's also strong, though not in the sharp way that some beers (or other alcoholic beverages) have that lets you know immediately that there's a lot of alcohol in the drink. In contrast, the strength becomes apparent when you're on your second glass and you notice that you're substantially buzzed. There was a lingering sweetness that indicates there's some more bottle-conditioning to be done that will increase both the carbonation (which could have been a bit more concentrated) and strength.

It's safe to say that this recipe is a success. Very tasty, and pretty much exactly what we were going for, especially with another month or so in the bottle.

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