Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Super-Massive Beer Foul

You may recall the Massive Beer Foul that coated my laundry room with a couple pints of Leap Beer. Given that event, what followed on September 4th could only be called the Super-massive Beer Foul. The following is a nearly-verbatim excerpt from an email to a friend that day.

I was getting ready for work in the morning. As I'm about to put on my shoes, I notice that the corner of my coffee table looked a bit wet. I go over and touch it, and it's sticky. That's when the puddle in the kitchen caught my eye. My keg, nearly full of batch 3 of Snapping Ginger Ale (and the best one yet), had emptied itself. The tap had popped off of its hose sometime overnight. Spraying the walls, a bit of the ceiling, the furniture in about one third of the kitchen, and of course my kitchen floor. Half an hour of cleaning up, including using my Ryobi as a wet vac for the first time, and I was ready to head off to work. That evening I had to continue cleaning, of course.

I bought some more hose clamps, so that I can tighten the seal with the taps, and hopefully this sort of thing shouldn't happen again. Really, I should be tapping the kegs more frequently, so they don't keep building up internal pressure.

So, that's the Super-massive Beer Foul.

Now we must never speak of this again.

It's Been Awhile

We have not been idle, contrary to what the ol' blog would seem to indicate.

We've made (and consumed) a batch of Winky Dink Marzen, with another fermenting at present. Those were both at Marco's, as was a batch of Goat Scrotum Ale. That one was a bit disappointing, because we didn't bother re-racking to secondary, so the final result had a lot of sediment. It wasn't quite chewy, but you get the idea.

My keg currently has Whitey's Gone Fishin' Pale Ale (p.171), which spent two weeks in primary and two weeks in secondary. The result was a smooth, strong, extremely clear brew that's very easy to drink. It was also the first at my house to use an Ale Pail for the primary, rather than a glass carboy. Before that was our third stab at Snapping Ginger Ale. For my money, it was the best batch yet, but most of it was lost in what I refer to as the Super-massive Beer Foul, not to be confused with the merely Massive Beer Foul. That will need its own post, however.